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Listening to the ultrasonic

since 1983

Pettersson Elektronik is a company specialized in electronic equipment for detection and analysis of bioacoustic ultrasonic signals. With our Ultrasound Detectors, or bat detectors, you can listen to the ultrasonic calls from bats, a great aid in identifying different species. We also supply analysis software for sound analysis on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Our products have been developed in close co-operation with leading bat researchers, to meet the highest demands in sound recording quality and reliability.

We’re constantly expanding the product line-up, incorporating the latest innovations. So, come back often!

We’ve opened the online store. Merry Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas, our online store is finally ready to use. We hope you will find the... read more

BatSound® Touch

BatSound® Touch is a sound recording and analysis software which provides high-resolution real-time spectrograms and is very easy to use with touch screen Windows tablet PCs. It has resizable text and buttons to facilitate operation on devices with virtually any screen size. Read more…