Listening to the ultrasonic

since 1983

Pettersson Elektronik is a company specialized in electronic equipment for detection and analysis of bioacoustic ultrasonic signals. With our Ultrasound Detectors, or bat detectors, you can listen to the ultrasonic calls from bats, a great aid in identifying different species. We also supply analysis software for sound analysis on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Our products have been developed in close co-operation with leading bat researchers, to meet the highest demands in sound recording quality and reliability.

We’re constantly expanding the product line-up, incorporating the latest innovations. So, come back often!


Analysis of the bat calls may be required in some situations e.g. in order to positively identify a certain species. The software BatSound is an efficient, high-performance tool for various types of sound analysis. It is suitable for sound analysis in general, but also includes a number of features particularly useful to analyze bat calls recorded from a bat detector or recorded directly with a D500X or D1000X ultrasound detector. Go to product page.