L60 Ultrasound Loudspeaker  L400 Ultrasound Loudspeaker
 L60 Ultrasound Loudspeaker L400 Ultrasound Loudspeaker

 BatLure Ultrasound Loudspeaker 


External microphone for D500X  
External microphone for D500X  


Stereo plug cable 3.5 mm stereo plug cable
This cable is available with 3.5 mm stereo plugs at both ends or with a 3.5 mm stereo plug at one end and two RCA/phono plugs at the other. E.g. for connecting a detector to a recorder.
Extension cable for D1000X Microphone extension cable for D1000X
This is a 1.5 m cable that can be used to put the D1000X microphone at some distance from the detector.
Battery cable for D1000X External battery cable for D1000X
The cable connects a D1000X detector to an external power source (7-10 V). Blank leads at battery end.
Battery cable for D500X External battery cable for D500X
The cable connects a D500X detector to an external power source (4.5-8 V). Blank leads at battery end.
5-pole XLR cables 5-pole XLR cables
In order to extend the D500X external microphone cable, standard 5-pole XLR/DMX cables can be used. We supply such cables in different lengths, but due to the weight of these cables the shipping cost is relatively high and you may prefer to purchase them locally.

USB OTG cable, Micro-B to Mini-B

This is a 0.5 m USB OTG cable that can be used to connect an M500 or M500-384 microphone to a tablet or a smartphone.

Magnifying glass

Magnifying glass

Lichen candelaris magnifying glass  

CDs and books

CD and booklet Bat call CD/booklet
This double CD from Sittelle contains recordings of the sonar of 27 European bat species, as heard through a bat detector. Numerous examples of both heterodyne and time expansion signals are given on the two CDs, with a total playing time of more than two hours. The CD and the accompanying booklet "The World of Bats" by Michel Barataud is an excellent aid to learn how to identify the different species.

Fladdermöss - i en värld av ekon

This book gives deep insight into the life of bats. Filled with detailed and vivid pictures of bats from all over the world. In Swedish.

Barataud: Acoustic Ecology of European Bats

This book is a product of the knowledge and skill acquired by its author over more than two decades of constant research on the subject of ultrasound detection. The initial, purely auditory, approach is complemented by the computed-assisted analysis of the ultrasonic signals. With the method described in this book, a bat detector and a computer, the reader will be able to identify about 85% of bat acoustic records in Europe, carry out bat inventories and other more in-depth surveys without disturbing the animals. Thirty-five of the 42 European bat species, including all the most widespread species, are covered.