Upgrading the D1000X firmware

The D1000X firmware (the microprocessor program) can be upgraded by the user by
following these simple instructions.

Before you start the procedure, please make sure you have the following available:

  • A firmware upgrade file from Pettersson Elektronik, e.g. "V104_091125_181604.D1000X". See the firmware upgrade page for downloading the latest release.
  • An empty FAT32 formatted CF card
  • A set of fresh batteries in the D1000X (or a reliable external power supply)
  • A PC with a CF card reader and the "D1000X Utility program" installed
  1. Insert the CF card into the card reader of the PC and make sure the PC finds the card. If required, format the CF card in the FAT32 format.
  2. Launch the D1000X Utility program and select the drive that holds the CF card in the“Select CF card” box. Click on “Transfer” in the “Transfer D1000x firmware to CF card” box. Navigate to the desired firmware file and click Open. This will transfer the file to the CF card. Please note that this erases any content on the CF card, so please make sure to back up any data that you wish to keep before using the card to transfer the firmware.
  3. Deselect the drive that holds the CF card, i.e. select another drive in the “Select CF card” box and use the Safely Remove Hardware application, if the Safely Remove Hardware icon appears in the notification area on the computer screen (click on the icon and follow the instructions). Remove the CF card from the CF card reader.
  4. Make sure the D1000X is turned off. Insert the CF card into the CF card slot of the D1000X.
  5. Press and hold the ON/OFF key until the text “Release key” appears on the display. Do not release the ON/OFF key. Press and hold the ESC key until the text “Booting” appears. Release the ON/OFF key and the text “D1000X Loader Vx.y” (where x and y are digits) will be displayed. Some more information e.g. date and time of the “loader” program will also be shown on the display.
  6. Press the “Down arrow” key once and the text “Flash program” followed by version number, date and time for the new firmware file will be shown. Press the “Down arrow” key again to start reprogramming the detector. As soon as you have pressed the Down arrow key the second time and the reprogramming is in progress, it is very important that the power to the detector is not interrupted (e.g. by removing the batteries or turning the main power switch off). First, the internal program memory is erased, then it is programmed with the new firmware and finally the content of the internal program memory is verified. The progress of these steps is indicated on the display and, in the case of a successful reprogramming, the text SUCCESS! is shown at the bottom of the display. Then you should turn the power off using e.g. the main power switch next to the CF card.
  7. Remove the CF card and insert a formatted/prepared CF card and the detector is ready to use with the new firmware.
  8. If you wish to use the CF card just used to transfer the firmware file for normal use
    again, you should first format/prepare it in the PC.